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Sunday 13 December 2015

50 Years Ago Today

50 years ago today I started my career as a print newspaper journalist, on the Greymouth Evening Star in New Zealand, December 13, 1965.
My first typewriter was an Olivetti Lettera 32 bought from Jim McNulty's typewriter store on Albert Street, Greymouth.
My first story?
 The New Zealand Herald, Auckland, 1968
 Sports editor, aged 20, Nelson Evening Mail, 1969
Cardiff, 1975
My first sports car, Dublin, 1975
Whangarei, 1976
With Lions prop and good friend Phil Orr, Napier, 1977
The HST look, Indian Ocean, 1979
She jumped for England; Northampton 1980
 Seoul Olympic Games,1988
While Flo-Jo ran ... The Fleet Street mob in Seoul
Commonwealth Games, Auckland, 1990
Admiral's Cup, Cowes, Isle of Wight, 1981
Death of the Daily, 9/11 1990
Sydney Olympic Games, 2000
Rebirth of the rugby writer, 2003


Bill M said...

Congratulations on the fine career. I've never gotten to read your stories and this is a great insight into some of your newspaper writing. Fine work. I wish the paper would have let you stay and celebrate the half century working. I'm sure you do also.

Mr. Blake reminds me of my youth. I think I started making radio transmitters from junk when I was about 14. He sounds like an interesting person.

Joe V said...

That photo of "the HST look" from 1979 reminds me when that picture was taken I must have been a young man on a Yankee aircraft carrier skimming across the IO from Subic to the Arabian Sea and back. Sadly we never made port call in Australia. But we did manueuvers with the Ark Royal, and met up with some of her crew in Singapore. Fine lads, though their idea of fun was having a throw-down of fisticuffs in the mens room at Raffles Hotel.

What a fine career you've had. I enjoyed the article about the ham radio operator. Keep up the good work of your blog, I follow it every day.

~Joe Van Cleave

Richard P said...

A very entertaining set of pictures. Congratulations on half a century of journalism! You are still going strong.

shordzi said...

Congratulations on this wonderful career! And thanks for carrying on. Georg