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Friday 18 December 2015

All We Are Saying ...


Joe V said...

I've always loved this song, one of his very best.

I was noticing the photo of John Lennon and your header photo look like they could have been made at the same time, as the light is coming from the same direction and they're both have a very similar B&W tonal range.

~Joe Van Cleave

my name is kate said...

Hi Robert, my name's Kate Emery and I'm a reporter in Perth, WA (the blog connected to this account is my personal blog - nothing to do with work). I am trying to track down a typewriter repairman in Perth for a story and was wondering if you could suggest anyone? My grandfather was, until relatively recently, one of the oldest typewriter repairmen still going but unfortunately he recently passed away. Any help would be much appreciated - I'm on