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Thursday 31 December 2015

2016: The Year of the Typewriter?

*Words are Winged:
Yes, here's that Sun No 2 again, on someone's T-shirt.
Everything works fine on mine except that the ink pod
doesn't swing across to brush the typeslug on its way
to the printing point, so I don't get an impression.
I believe Richard Polt's Sun No 2 may be similar in this regard. 
Typewriter Topics ushered in 1916 with high expectations of record typewriter sales. One hundred years later we're hoping the interest being generated across the globe by Richard Polt's book The Typewriter Revolution will result in further growth in (second-hand) typewriter sales. I thought Ted Munk made some excellent points in his blog post of three weeks ago, "Aristocratic Monkey Spanking, the Revolution and Secret Society Wars Cycle 19", and I hope he won't mind me reproducing some of them here:
Yes, so let's make 2016 the Year of the Typewriter!
Miss Typewriter 2015


Bill M said...

I believe you are right Robert. Collecting is beginning to take a back seat as the prices rise and more and more people want a typewriter and become interested in what can be done with a typewriter than only collecting them.

I hope you have a Great New Year!

Richard P said...

Happy new year!

I don't know how much effect my book will have on the typewriter revival, but I imagine its effect will be positive.

It's been a long time since I looked closely at my Sun. You've provided me with an incentive to do so.

Ted said...

Yes, I strongly feel that Richard's book will be very important to the movement because it very effectively changes the equation of what typewriters are about from the old "put interesting iron on a shelf" equation (interesting to a limited subset of people) to its true, modern meaning of "anything you can creatively be inspired to do", which is interesting to a far wider subset of participants. It takes the underlying attitude of the Typosphere and defines it in a way that many people can understand, appreciate and get onboard with. It is inherently inclusive and inviting to people wanting to find their own way into the movement. Powerful, attractive stuff. (: