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Wednesday 6 January 2016

Christmas Booty

From my grand-daughter, sons and their thoughtful partners. I suspect someone's been following this blog, and read about me losing the handles off all my large coffee mugs, including my Xavier University "Dad" mug. The old Remington is already a work in progress.


Joe V said...

Um, nice elf! I like the typewriter-themed mugs.

Let us know how that new typewriter project comes out.

~Joe Van Cleave

Ted said...

I see you had a merry Christmas!
That poor elf girl isn't going to type anything accurately at that angle :D

michaeliany said...

elf girl would be a fantastic typewriter repair assistant
belated merry christmas, Robert!

Seanshah said...

I like the image as well, the mug is great.
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Their number is 310-475-0859