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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Typing in Tight Spots

In North Africa in 1942 a war correspondent sits in a slit trench, where he works, sleeps and eats.
Typing at an improvised table, Buna, New Guinea Campaign, World War II.
The Aleutian Islands Campaign.
The 'Press Club' on Adak Island, during the Aleutian Campaign.
A German war correspondent at work at one of the French channel ports in France in 1940.
In 1941, a Russian Army typist at work in her makeshift office on the northern front.


Robin Heilschild 【蓋面】 said...

And this is the why typewriters are better than portable computers (so-called "laptops")...xD

Ryan Adney said...

My desk is almost as cramped as a slit trench!

Bill M said...

I noticed at least 2 of them were Underwood.

That small one on the tripod was neat.

Robert Messenger said...

"Anonymous" - you may well be right, but if you haven't got the guts to identify yourself, you can't comment here.