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Monday 14 May 2012

The Adler Tippa Pilot Portable Typewriter

I wasn't aware that Adler had marketed a Tippa Pilot until this appeared on Australian eBay last week. So, of course, I bought it.
It's my third Tippa Pilot (first produced by Gossen, 1955), but, as I say, my first Adler Tippa Pilot.
It's almost exactly the same as the last model Gossen Tippa, also the Pilot, as one can see from the images here.
It seems the Gossen Tippa Pilot also came in this colour, as did a Triumph Tippa. From my own collection, I was aware that different versions had the colour selector on the right side. This same colour Gossen Tippa Pilot is from GTHawk's collection:
And here, interestingly enough, is a same colour Triumph Tippa from Adwoa Bagalini's collection, without the Pilot badge:
Here is my burgundy Gossen Tippa Pilot with the colour selector on the left, as with this latest acquisition, the Adler Tippa Pilot:
I assume there must have been some in-between production, after Adler took over Gossen and before Adler produced its own Tippa design.
The serial number data base doesn’t give much clue as to what went on between the end of the Gossen Tippa in 1956 and the start of the Adler Tippa in 1959.
From my previous post on the "progress" of the Tippa, we know that in the autumn of 1956, the license for the Tippa was sold to Adler, although for a time it continued to be made by Gossen. Maybe this is a Gossen-made Adler?
Anyway, apart from a couple of small problems, notably with the "e" typeslug, I like the way this Adler Tippa Pilot types:


Bill M said...

They look like very nice compact typewriters.

Richard P said...

It's a beautiful and clever design.

maschinengeschrieben said...

Very nice. I was completely unaware that Gossen as well as Adler/Triumph produced the first design Tippa.

notagain said...

There's a Gossen Tippa on shopgoodwill that is climbing in price, as it looks like a 1950 body with 1955 keys. I was outbid already so I am watching it.

Rob Bowker said...

Sleek and tasty looking! So much stylistically in common with Antares Parva too.

Dwayne F. said...

I like looks of this machine. Good to hear that it is snappy as well. It has a passing resemblance to the Parva and I have read many horror stories about that brand.

Ulrich Mohr said...

just by coincidence I found this interessting publication today.
I own an old Gossen Tippa Pilot machine -construction year 1955- of my father, wich I want to sell.
I live in Germany- I am German- and would be happy to find somebody who is interested in such a machine. It comes with the original leatherbag.
Ulrich Mohr

sibylle said...

I own a 1950s Adler Tippa portable that I'd like to sell. My parents immigrated from Germany and we brought it over. If interested, contact sibylle:
I'm in the US .