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Friday 25 May 2012

Typewriter Treasures Galore: Tomorrow's Cologne Auction

OK, so here’s the thing. Bill Gates suddenly decides out of the goodness of his boundlessly generous heart to put $10 million in my bank account overnight, I fly to Cologne in the morning and get there by 11.30 sharp, in time for Uwe Breker’s 120th specialist auction in 25 years. I buy every one of the 80 typewriters that come up for sale.
“Tell him he’s dreamin’,” as they say in that classic Aussie movie The Castle.
Well, yes, I will be dreaming tonight – of all these beautiful typewriters going up for sale tomorrow.
You will be, too, once you’ve feasted your eyes on this little lot.
The 1882 Hammonia is expected to fetch 10,000-15,000 euro, which, depending on how Greece and Spain are going in the morning, is somewhere between $12,600-$19,000. The 1911 Olivetti M1 is expected to fetch 5000-8000 euro, and the 1947 Keaton music typewriter 1500-2500 euro. The 1879 Crandall is expected to fetch 6000-8000 euro and the 1906 Crandall Visible No 4 2500-3500 euro.
Some of the rest are within my price range, with or without Bill's overnight help. And gee whiz, I already have a few of these.
Now ...  where's that damned private jet parked?


Richard P said...

Mmmm ... yummy.

I know some people who will be at the auction, and will be meeting them in Rome pretty soon. Maybe I'll get to see some of their prizes.

shordzi said...

mhhh, yes indeed.

Ted said...

I hear Bono picked up a clean billion or so from the Facebook IPO. maybe you could get him to grant you a couple million "In the Name Of Love"?

Cameron said...

I am breathless.

Martin A. Rice, Jr. said...

Hey, I see they've got an Oliver there. Looks like a no. 2. Would you pick that one up for me? (Yeah, right, I can hear you now, "in your dreams!")

Robert Messenger said...

No worries, Martin. It'd be a pleasure to pick it up and drop it off to you on my way home. Will lighten my load!
PS: Ted, Bono passed on his regards and said, "Begorrah! Ted said that? Sure and bejazus!" Or some such thing ... So thanks for the tip-off.