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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Departure Lounge (Economy Class): Portable Typewriters For Sale

Pre-Script: Please be aware that there has been a huge flurry of interest in the typewriters and about half a dozen have gone already, within minutes of me posting.
I mentioned in my post last evening that, through one very satisfied customer, a lot of local interest had emerged in the hundreds of portable typewriters I am selling. This blog post is primarily for the benefit of those people who have emailed me in the past day. However, if you are further afield and are interested in any of these, let me know, as the typewriter may still be available. None of these have yet been listed online.
These 20 are just a small sample of the portable typewriters I have for sale. None of the typewriters photographed here have yet been cleaned up or serviced or have had new ribbons put in them. The prices include cleaning, service and new ribbon. At this stage I MUCH prefer pick-up, but courier or postage can be arranged.
I refer to these as “economy class” because generally they at the lower end of the price range for typewriters of this kind.
For the time being, I am mainly selling typewriters from the 1960s and 70s. Earlier, more expensive, more valuable typewriters will follow in due course. 
Some of these typewriters have been imported by me from overseas, as they were never sold in Australia at the time they were made. This means I have already meet the considerable cost of shipping in these machines from overseas, and their price may well reflect that. 
Any expressions of interest at this initial stage will not constitute a legally-binding contract to sell or buy, but will just be a starting point for us to discuss a possible sale. This post in merely being used to show a few of the typewriters that are available for sale, and to give an idea of prices.
Underwood 10. Made in Italy by Antares, mid to late 1960s. Rare model and especially in this salmon colour. A good typer. Price $125.
Pinnock Craftamatic. 1970s, made in Japan by Nakajima and rebranded by Currie Furniture Manufacturing (CFM) in Sunshine, Victoria. NOT Australian made. Price $45. GONE
Antares Compact. Made in Italy, late 1960s. Price $45. The same machine is also available as an Underwood, same price.
Smith-Corona Sterling. Made in US. Completely refurbished and repainted by me. I have another of these in a light blue, same deal. Excellent typer. Early 1960s. Price $85.
Adler Tippa. Early 1960s. Cursive typeface. Made in Germany. Price $95.
Remington Monarch. Made in Holland. Solid machine. Early 1960s. Price $65.
H.G.Palmer. This is a very small, lightweight Smith-Corona Skyriter which was rebranded for an Australian chain store. Made in US, mid to late 1950s. Will be fitted with a black ribbon when sold. Price $60.
Remington Travel-Riter. Completely refurbished and almost completed re-painted by me. Made in Holland, early 1960s. Solid machine, good typer. Price $75.
Olympia Olympiette. Wide-bodied. Made in Japan, late 1970s. Good typer. Price $55.
Underwood 378. Made in Spain by Olivetti, 1970s. Fairly rare model and much in demand because of its styling. Price $135.
Royal 201. Orange. Made in Japan by Nakajima, early 70s. Much in demand because of colour. I also have one of these, made by Silver-Seiko, same colour, same price. Price $115.
Waltons. This is a German-designed ABC made by Messa in Portugal and rebranded for sale in Australia by department store Waltons. Elite typeface. Price $65.
Olivetti Lettera 82. I am very proud of the work I have done on this machine to restore it to excellent working order, with correct alignment. Much in demand, especially because of its colour. Made in Brazil, late 1960s. A very good typer. Price $115.
Optima. Very sturdy East German machine made by Robotron (also marketed as an Erika) in Dresden, late 1970s. Has sans serif typeface. A very good, solid typer. Price $65.
Lemair Deluxe 250TR. A Japanese-made Brother rebranded for sale in Australia as a Lemair. Elite typeface. Good typer, some paint chips. Price $75. GONE
ABC 3000. Made by Messa in Portugal. This one was originally bought in Zimbabwe when that country was still Rhodesia, early 1970s. Price $55.
Alpha 304 TR. Korean-made from Japanese Brother design, late 1970s. Sturdy and more of a "semi-portable", like the Optima or Olympiette. Good typer with elite typeface. Price $65. Case has no handle.
Quest. Another of what I call "no-name" typewriters. Not for those wanting to invest in a known brand, but a very good 1970s typewriter nonetheless. Elite typeface. Price $50.
Royal 200. Made in Japan for Litton Industries by Silver-Seiko, late 1960s. Price $35.
Remington Graduate. This is probably the best of the Dutch-made, post-1960s Remington portables, a very solid machine and a really excellent typer. Rare model in this country. Price $125.


Scott K said...

I hope there is a lot of typewriter love out there, Rob!

Best of luck with selling your machines.

BTW. I'm interested in the HG Palmer.

Robert Messenger said...

Hi Scott. Don't think there's much doubt about the typewriter love, I've had nine enquiries already! Let me about about the Palmer.

Richard P said...

These make for fun window-shopping. I don't think I could have correctly identified 50% of them without your help. "The Quest" is especially charming!

Siobhan said...

Hi Robert,

I am interested in purchasing either the Smith Corona Sterling in the light blue or the Olivetti Lettera 82 in yellow. Could you please let me know if they are still available. Also considering the cursive Tippa if it is still there.
I am getting carried away, I really only need one for now.
Look forward to hearing from you.

tracey said...

Hi there Robert.
I am very interested in purchasing two typewriters please.
The typewriters that have caught my eye are
Royal 201
Underwood 10, Smith Corona, either colour but preference is blue, Olivetti Lettera,but I would also be interested in others if all of these are gone.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,

Tracey Pickersgill.

TonysVision said...

Yes, very fun window shopping. Interesting to read my titillation meter as I scroll the list. It comes near pinning when I hover the ones you have worked on - the S-C Sterling repaint, but especially the Lettera 82 you tuned up. Looking forward to the First Class Lounge.

Gerard said...

Hi Rob, this is Gerard from Shanghai China. I'm interested in the Optima typewriter which has Sans Serif typeface. Could you describe a little bit more of the typewriter, is it in good, near mint, mint or excellent condition? how much will it cost to ship it to China? please quote a lowest possible price. I don't care how long it takes to reach. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I would love to purchase the ROYAL 200. It would be a wonderful thing to have one of your machines in my collection. Hell I"ll purchase the one that nobody wants to buy. This is a great opportunity for anyone that loves your blog.

Robert Messenger said...

You will find the Optima fully described at

Belladonna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belladonna said...

I feel sort of late to all of this, but i'm interested in the Royal 200 and Olympia Olympiette if you still have it. My email is if you would like to get in contact (i'm not too familiar with how blogger works!).

Looking forward to hearing from you, I've never owned a typewriter before but have wanted to for some years now. Very excited to say the least!

natb9181 said...

Hiya Robert,

I am looking for a cursive font typewriter, colour isnt a huge preference. Something functional that would still have consumables available to purchase.


Natalie Stewart said...

Hello Robert,

I have been searching for a working typewriter for some time now and have thankfully stumbled across your blog. I am looking for something that is portable with a cursive typeface under $100 (including shipping to sydney).


Robert Messenger said...

Sorry Natalie. I've just sold two cursives and the only one left is way over $100.

Carol Fry said...

Hi Robert, I'm interested in a cursive if you have one. I've emailed you but considering how many enquiries you're fielding my email may be lost under a pile of others!! :)

Natalie Stewart said...

Do you have anything in my price range not in a cursive?

Robert Messenger said...

Natalie, please have a look at my "Happy Christmas Typewriters" post from yesterday. There are 60 there for sale.

Unknown said...

Hello do u have any typewriters left for sale thanks nat preferable cursive and cute :D

Sophie said...

hi Robert im not sure if your still active on this blog but if you are i am interested in purchasing the Remington Monarch. My email is Thankyou so much :)