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Monday, 25 November 2013

Ripe for the Picking: Pistachio Olivetti Lettera 22 Portable, the Leonard Cohen Typewriter

The lady who picked up the Tippa and Lettera 22 from me this afternoon was a satisfied customer, having already bought an Olympia SM3. As she left, she offered to let her network of female friends know I had typewriters for sale. Within a few hours I have received EIGHT requests for typewriters. You beauty!!!

Anyone know anything about the sliding comb under the key levers on these early model Olivetti Lettera 22s? I realise it blocks the key movement. But what exactly is the function of this? I note it was removed from the 32. Strikes me it is like the carriage lock on the Studio 42 - a bloody nuisance!


Richard P said...

Wow, that is a beauty. Glad to hear that your offerings are finding eager buyers.

Is the sliding comb supposed to engage once you reach the end of the line?

TonysVision said...

I am also offering up parts of my collection on eBay. So i understand the pain of parting, as well as the pleasure of seeing the proceeds pile up. But some, inexplicably to me, refuse to budge. So i am curious to know what works for you - straight auction, auction with buy it now, straight buy it now, etc. I, for one, sure wouldn't mind if you linked us to one of your ads.

Ha ha - A bit of a joke on me; of course, despite my current selling mode, I sure feel more than a twinge of lust at the ides of dipping into your collection and pulling out a beauty like that pistachio Lettera 22!

Erik Jaros said...

If you provide us your "Seller ID" we can follow all your auctions ;)

shordzi said...

Same as Erik, I would be interested in knowing your ebay channel. Apart from the monetary question, I think it is a good think to resize. I am still looking for a Roma and a Tropical for my collection, they don't seem to come up often. Good luck with all these ventures!

terry cooksley. said...

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