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Monday 2 March 2015

Booking Hero uses Consul 222.1 Semi-Portable Typewriter to write Great Dutch Novel

Further evidence that it's Far From Over for the typewriter and that the manual portable is on the way back comes in the Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Booking Hero commercial released last month. The ad was made by production company MJZ and directed by Dante Ariola.
It's a great promotion for the typewriter, as a man's most cherished dreams come to reality after he stays at a hostel he found on
And that includes getting to use a Czechoslovakian-made Consul 222.1 semi-portable typewriter in a log cabin to write the great (Dutch? Czech? American?) novel.
Oddly, however, the storyline for the commercial doesn't even mention the typewriter!
It says: "One man's life changed when he stayed at a hostel he found on The last night he spent there turned into the first day of the rest of his life. An unforgettable journey soon began as he got engaged at a romantic chateau, got married, had children and led a life of exploration. Later in his life, while staying at a log cabin, he writes [ON A TYPEWRITER, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!] the story that was living inside of him. That story becomes a masterpiece and the book release is announced at a Tokyo five-star hotel. As he celebrates with his wife and children at a tropical paradise by going hang gliding, he takes in the full life he's been living. When you get your booking right, life can get as extraordinary as this one."

See post about my Consul 222.1 here.


Rodja said...

Hi, as I can't find an E-Mail-Adress I just wanted to write a short Thank you for all the stories.

I write about indie movies and consider myself as a Journalist and a wannabe-writer of novels and scripts. I just recently bought a Olympia Monica de Luxe and I'm quite happy with it.

But it is really heavy and I consider buying a typewriter for travelling. Do you have any suggestions? (It should have a German Keyboard). Kind regards - Rodja Pavlik

Anonymous said...

There's something about log cabins that seem to inspire people to write. (there's a blog topic there...)

Richard P said...

Has it become (again) NORMAL for people to write on typewriters? If so, the Revolution has advanced farther than I thought ...

Robert Messenger said...

Yes, I think you're right Richard. The failure to mention a typewriter would to me suggest writing a novel on one is NORMAL!