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Monday 9 March 2015

International Women's Day

Sholes & Glidden, photo taken 1905
Remington, 1898
Oliver No 2? 1897?
Edna May as Lilian Leigh in a 1903 production of the musical The School Girl. She is using two different typewriters, the lower one a Yost No 4. Is the top one a Burns? Or a Smith Premier No 2? And what about the one below?
Sophia Loren with an Olivetti Lettera 22, 1963

A well-groomed female journalist covering the League of Nations conference in Geneva in 1933 with a Remington Model 1 portable.

Elizabeth Hawes, American dress designer, with a Noiseless portable, 1942
Remington portables, New York City, 1958
Irish writer Mary Lavin with Royal portable, Dublin, 1966

Illustration by Leo Burnett, 1937

Francoise Sagan with Hermes Baby, April 1957
Secretary,  1910
British author Mary Hocking with an Imperial Good Companion, 1970
Agatha Christie at work with her Remington Home portable in her Devonshire home, Greenway House, 1946
Audrey Hepburn with an Olympia in the film Paris - When It Sizzles, 1964
Marguerite Higgins of the New York Herald-Tribune with an Erika Model 9 in South Korea, 1950
Short story writer Sally Benson, New York City, 1940
Reina Maria Rodriguez with an Olympia in Havana, 1995
An nervous-looking entrant in the 1929 Paris speed typing championship
Facit stand at an office equipment exhibition in Paris, 1958
US Senator Mary Chase Smith with a Royalite, 1963
Smith-Corona flattop


x over it said...

That Facit robot is amazing!

Bill M said...

Robot and typewriter. Great combination.

Don Lampert said...

Love seeing these black & white pics of ladies, famous and not, using typewriters! Glimpses into real life, and how we were. Thanks