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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Michael Klein on Typewriters on Hard Quiz

I posted last week about our mate, former Melbourne typewriter mechanic Michael Klein, accepting the challenge of the specialist subject of typewriters on "Hard Quiz" on ABC TV. Michael ran into some stiff competition, with a female opponent scoring a series record of 110 points. She stole a couple of Michael's five far-too-easy opening round specialist subject questions. So that meant he didn't get to the final round, where he might have faced these visual questions that "Hard Quiz" got me to supply and provide my permission to use:
1. What function does that red key on the top left of the Andares Little Star keyboard perform?

2. What animal is on the space bar of the Corona animal keyboard typewriter?
Answers supplied on demand.
The full episode can be viewed from this link.
Here are some highlights from the show:
 Some of Michael's collection of typewriters were shown on screen. Plus one of the vintage cars he owns.
Very predictable questions about Latham Sholes, QWERTY and the Corona 3 were asked.
Michael performed an hilarious parting haka as he left the building.

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