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Saturday, 10 August 2013

NOT a 1908 Remington Standard Model 10 Typewriter - it's a 1961 Remington Rand SJ Model!

Since someone spent more than $44 on the piece of crap listed as an "as new" 1908 Remington Model 10 typewriter on Australian eBay yesterday (I refrain from making any comment on the wisdom or otherwise of such a purchase, but there were 19 bids!) I have decided to list the same model - a Remington Rand SJ - on eBay myself. Just to see what happens. The seller of the "Model 10" was told twice by me that what he had listed was a 1950s (at best) SJ, but refused to change the listing description. I just wonder whether the buyer really knows what he or she has acquired. Scott Kernaghan wondered out loud on Facebook this morning whether the mention of it I made in my Typewriter Update last week heightened interest in this machine, but my response was that if anyone had read that item and went ahead and spent $44 on the "Model 10" they'd have to have rocks for brains. Anyway, I have listed mine with a 99c starting price (breaking the rule of a lifetime, just to make a point) and a Buy It Now price of $45. I reckon I should be able to cover the $2 listing fee. We'll see how it goes. It will also be interesting to see the feedback to Brisbane seller of the "Model 10" gets. The eBay listing for my SJ is here.

 This is the machine which sold for $44 yesterday:


RobertG said...

P.T. Barnum was correct :)

Bill M said...

I have noticed similar on U.S. Ebay.
I'm also old enough to remember Superman quickly typing his messages.

TonysVision said...

Well, it's cool that folks can be so excited about typewriters to get into a bidding war over that "Model 10". I can relate.

When I was in the early stages of the collecting obsession I bid WAY too much for a Corona 3, thinking they must be rare as hen's teeth. I was so excited that I acquired not just one, but THREE of them. Hopefully smarter and wiser now, I can understand how one can be blinded to reality when the bug has hit hard.

99 cents, huh? ... if only I were within driving distance ...

Richard P said...

Very nice finish and typeface on that Remington.

I will not be surprised, though, if it brings LESS than the rustbucket, given the peculiarities of eBay.

Steve Snow said...

I was so going to buy that "1908 Remington" for anything up to $21, for the joy of meeting the seller alone and questioning him about it's rich pre-war history. Alas. $44. What a joke!