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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hey Little Sister! Tessy Portable Typewriter Stands Up to Big Sis Contessa

The Tipp-Ex holder came glued to the left side of the typewriter.
Compare the German-made Tessy wth the same vintage, same colour Adler Contessa DeLuxe:
Here is the Nakajima-made Adler Tessy “De Luxe”, which, unlike the original German-made version, is quite common in Australia and many other countries. Note the font used for the model name is the same as the original Tessy.

Below is an Adler Tippa 1, an extremely common machine, at least in this country. It also, of course, appears frequently as the Triumph Tippa.


TonysVision said...

I love your Tessy, and not just because it shares my mother Theresa's nickname. One of them would be perfect to add to my collection group destined to be distributed to grandchildren. I think I could get used to the difficult concept of a typewriter without a bell, but I would need to keep reminding myself that the fewer features the less there is to go wrong. Yes, a great typer for a grandchild.

John said...

Nice post; nice-looking typer.
Litton surely "hastened the inevitable"; I'm unaware of any particular success it had as it tried to corner the market on typewriter manufacture.
By the way "Tessie" was also a song adopted by the "royal rooters" of the Boston Red Sox a century or more ago to annoy and distract opposing players (and the Drop Kick Murphys made up a new song with the same to tell the earlier story). Try it out at

Richard P said...

Contessa ... Tessy. I never made the connection!

It's a very cute machine and does very impressive work. My little typewriters hardly ever produce typing that's as well-aligned and clear as what you've shown us.