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Monday, 26 August 2013

Burgundy Urania Portable Typewriter: 'The Stable'

I find it interesting that Clemens Müller advertised this 1935 model as "The Stable" - presumably reflecting its stability on the writing surface, something I have always felt is an important consideration. I can indeed vouch for the fact the Urania portable sits very stable.


Richard P said...

Another interesting point in the ad: "Ask for printype V" (at least I'd translate Druckschrift as printype, following Oliver's lead).

The small r's in the ad look like none I've seen before.

Steve Snow said...

Gorgeous specimen that one. Agreed, very curious ad indeed, the lower case r's are essentially upside down k's in a marginally smaller font.

Bill M said...

Very wonderful looking typewriter.

rn said...

Great machine. I have one, in much worse condition, and you've given me impetus for fixing it.

Question about yours. As they keys seem to indicate, do you have to depress the 'majuscules' key to type the numbers? That would be an interesting and unusual variant. I've only seen Czech typewriters configured that way.

Rob in NYC

Dwayne F. said...

Very nice. Is the body all metal? The top is especially well sculpted.