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Friday 16 August 2013

Gossen Tippa Typewriter in a Tippa Briefcase

Weighs just 11.3 pounds (5.1 kilograms)


Unknown said...

I've always wondered--what is the purpose of the little knob on the left side?

Such marvelous little typewriters they are.

Robert Messenger said...

Nick, it's a touch control dial, two settings.

Miguel Chávez said...

Very compact! Looks about the same size as a Remington 2 with the typebars in the resting position; how do they compare?

Now that's a nice project that would be fun to have replicated. I happen to know a couple of leather shops; maybe I'll see if they can make something like that...

Janet said...

Wait -- the ad seems to promise that a girl will be inside. Didn't you get one?

Richard P said...

A totally delightful find!

John Lambert's Tippa briefcase can be seen here.

The ads are interesting, with their clever snippets of text:

"'Whenever Herr Rudi enters such a lion's den, he entrusts me to a lady.' -- The TIPPA typewriter will give you more details in its intimate diary."

"'I was so curious about how far things had gone with Fräulein Christa, but we left immediately -- for Paris.' -- The TIPPA tells of all its experiences there in the intimate diary of a typewriter."

Now we must get our hands on that diary!!

John said...

Beautiful! I hop you enjoy your Tippa case as much as I do mine. And I agree about buying just for the case. If you could find the craftmanship today it would be at least $200, probably a lot more.

My black Tippa and case have accompanied me here to Freeport Maine for a much-needed vacation. u might not think that a typewriter and its case would enjoy a vacation or the seacoast of Maine, but I assure you my Tippa and its leather case do.

John Lambert

Scott K said...

Oh, you've got 'Im. That's a beautiful setup. I really love this kind of casework. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the metal clips on either side about midway are for on the Tippa?