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Friday, 23 August 2013

The Colour of Writing: Writers and Their Typewriters

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).
Remington Noiseless.
Mary McCarthy (1912-1989)
Remington No 3.
Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951)
Corona 3.

US author Philip Wylie (1902-1971). Noiseless.
(I think with this post I may have provided one at the top [Abbey] and one at the bottom [Wylie] of Richard Polt's list of Writers and their Typewriters here.)
English novelist Kingsley Amis (1922 - 1995) at his home in London, 1985. Adler.
Belgian writer François Weyergans (1941-) in the room where he completed his 2005 novel Trois jours chez ma mère, a former luxury store lent by a friend. Olympia SF.
Fiat heiress and writer Susanna (Sunny) Agnelli (1922-2009), January 1978. Smith-Corona.
US novelist and musician Myla Goldberg (1971-) March 2000. Underwood.
US writer Edward Abbey (1927-1989) in his fire tower home in Arizona.
Czech writer Michal Viewegh (1962), 2006. 
Italian writer Alda Merini (1931-2009), 1980. Olivetti Lettera 25, right.
Welsh dramatist Emlyn Williams (1905-1987).
Italian journalist and writer Oriana Fallaci (1930-2006) in the study of her house in Lamole, Chianti, June 1979. Olivetti Lettera 22.
French writer Benoite Groult (1920-), April 1993. It looks like a Brother.
Moscow-born French writer Iegor Gran (born Yegor Siniavski Andreyevich) (1964-), 2002. Half an Olivetti?
English historical novelist Antonia Fraser (1932-), May 1985. Olivetti Praxis 48.
(I made an exception in this case, most other typewriters are manuals)
British author Francis Wyndham (1924-), March 1988. Hermes Baby or Olivetti Lettera 82.
English playwright Jack Rosenthal (1931 - 2004). Olympia SM9.
French poet and writer Robert Sabatier (1923-2012) in Paris, October, 1987. Hermes 3000.
French journalist and writer Lucien Bodard (1914-1998). Robotron.
Austrian writer Peter Handke (1942-). Olympia Traveller.
French novelist Pierre Rey (1930-2006) in Los Angeles. Smith-Corona.
US author Belva Plain (1915-2010), November 1989 at her home in New Jersey. Olympia SM9.
Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (1944-), 1990.
Spanish writer Juan José Millás (1946-).  Olivetti Lexikon 80.
English novelist Margaret Drabble (1939-) with husband, biographer Michael Holroyd (1935-), June 1988.
French writer Christine Féret-Fleury (1961-), February 1999. Underwood 5.
French cinema historian and writer Jean Tulard (1933-),  October, 1999.
(He also used an Underwood 315, turquoise top)
French writer Ghislain De Diesbach (1931-), France in May, 1991. Robotron.
British writer J. G. Ballard (1930 - 2009),  March 1989.
American writer and humorist Ian Frazier (1951-), 1986. Olympia Traveller.
James Lee Burke (1936-), 1996.
French author Hervé Bazin (1911-1996), Rouen, July 1988. Underwood.
French writer Jacques-Pierre Amette (1943-), 2003. Underwood
US musicologist Robbins Landon (1926-2009), Salzbourg, Austria, December 1990. Olivetti 82.
French novelist Léo Malet Malet (1909-1996), 1990.
US writer Russell Baker (1925-) 1980.
Atlanta journalist and publisher Ralph McGill (1898-1969), 1968.
US journalist Karen DeYoung (1950-) uses an Olivetti Lettera 32 for protection on landing at a military airstrip, Nicaragua  1978.
French scriptwriter Michel Alexandre.
Tom Wolfe (1931-), 1997.
British author Frederick Forsyth (1938-), 1970. Empire Aristocrat.
Author T.C. Boyle (1948-), Los Angeles, July 5, 1990. Olivetti Studio 44.
Elmore Leonard (1925-2013). Olivetti Lettera DL.
Hunter S.Thompson (1937-2005), Aspen, Colarado, March 1987. IBM Selectric.
Helen Gurley Brown (1922-2012) in her apartment on Central Park West, New York, January 1979.
Ian Fleming (1908-1964). Triumph.
Woody Allen (1935-) in his Fifth Avenue apartment, New York, 1979.
British composer Lionel Bart (1930-1999). Olivetti Studio 44.
Irving Wallace (1916-1990) in his office at home in Brentwood Park, California, 1969. Underwood.
English journalist and author Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990). Olympia SM9.
Sports writer Red Smith (1905-1982), left, and columnist Jimmy Breslin (1930-) cover the Muhammad Ali-Sonny Liston world heavyweight boxing title fight in Lewiston, Maine, 1965.
Museum dedicated to Chilean poet and writer Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) Atlantis. Underwood 3.
House of Italian writer Alberto Moravia (1907-1990),  Rome. Olivetti 82. 
William Faulkner (1897-1962). Underwood 4 at his home, Rowan Oak, Oxford, Mississippi. 


TonysVision said...


Peter said...

I always love these sorts of photos, and there are many here I haven't seen before. It's amazing how many writers seem to don formal clothes- a tie and jacket, at least- to write. (Or is it merely for the photograph?) I think M. Malet has the right idea, actually. Distraction or inspiration- to each his own!

John said...

A tour de force Rob and I must say the best choice for me is the odd one out and it is Antonia Fraser's Praxis 48.

TonysVision said...

I noted that Praxis 48, too, John - the design antithesis of the Underwood Quiet Tab seen here a couple of posts ago, with a certain beauty in its own right. I also noted how many were missing their ribbon spool covers.

Richard P said...

Wow ... a bonanza. I will save careful perusal for a moment when I need to reinforce my faith in the power of (type)writing.