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Monday, 7 March 2016

A-Y of Women and Typewriters

This blog turned five years old last week (February 27) and yesterday clocked up 2.2 million page views (averaging around 440,000 a year). That pans out at almost 37,000 page views a month, 8500 a week and more than 1200 a day - or about 1000 a post. This is the 2162nd post (average 432 posts a year) and there have been 8123 comments (average 3.75 a post). I needed something to celebrate the occasion, so here is an A-Y of women in typewriter adverts and posters:


Ted said...

congrats of 5 years of excellence (:

Richard P said...

Congratulations! Five years of the most impressive typewriter blog ever.

I wonder whether a woman ever advertised the Zalsho ... that's the only "Z" typewriter I can think of right now!