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Monday, 14 March 2016

Rare Blickensderfer 9 & 8 Typewriters For Sale, Plus Rem-Blick

Still desperately in need of funds, so I am selling two of my most prized possessions, a Blickensderfer 9 and a Blickensderfer 8, both acquired in the auction of a collectors's estate in Chicago some 10 years ago. The 8 is serial number 133618, meaning it was made in early 1909, and the 9 is serial number 186266, meaning it was made almost exactly 100 years ago. Both have wooden cases. I'm also selling my last Rem-Blick. If anyone is interested in any of these three rare items, they can make an offer to
Get in quick or forever regret missing the opportunity to buy one or all of these machines. True collectors will know the value of these. Payment can be arranged through a friend's PayPal account (for overseas buyers) or into my bank account (domestic sales). 

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