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Friday, 25 March 2016

The Cat, the Mouse and the Ambassador Typewriter

You may think Charlie the Typewriter Guard Cat is only doing his job by trying to fish a field mouse out of the innards of a Hermes Ambassador typewriter. Trouble is, it was Charlie who dragged the mouse in from way out yonder in the first place. During the dance of death (performed for the alleged 'benefit' of cat owners), the mouse escaped and hid in the Ambassador. I had to take the darned thing apart (in an estimated record time) to get the mouse out. But in the process Charlie yet again caught it, tossed it, and it ran for shelter into a Remington 10. Fetching it out of the mechanics of the Remington proved an even greater challenge, and, by now plum out of patience, this time when I hauled the mouse out I freed it out the back of beyond. By which time it would have scurried off into the scrub knowing more about the inner workings of standard typewriters than Ed Hess.


Gordon Tillman said...

Charlie the Typewriter Guard Cat is so helpful! I have a similarly-helpful cat named "Turnip" that my wife had to bottle-feed because she was so little when we found her. I frequently find my various tools gone missing, only to later discover them in one of her hiding places.

Robert thank you for another charming post!

Richard P said...

Hilarious hijinks!