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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Jeepers, New Jersey - No Typewriter Ever Endangered Anyone

NEWS ITEM: New Jersey - Using your cellphone while crossing a street could become illegal in New Jersey, with violators facing either a $50 fine or a 15 days incarceration, thanks to one enthusiastic lawmaker. “If a person on the road - whether walking or driving - presents a risk to others on the road, there should be a law in place to dissuade and penalise risky behaviour,” Pamela Lampitt, Democratic Assemblywoman, who sponsored the Bill, told local media.


Joe V said...

Hah! 😀

Coincidently, I just today cancelled my contract plan and started a monthly pay-as-you-go basic service for a "feature" (i.e. "Flip") phone. Because if I wanted Internet I'd use my tablet, laptop or PC.

Thanks again for another great post.


Richard P said...

These are brilliant cartoons!