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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Rare and Toy Typewriters For Sale

Desperately in need of money to feed the Typewriter Guard Cat (not to mention me) and to pay the bills, so I am selling some of my more cherished typewriters and toy typewriters. If anyone is interested, they can make an offer to (but please make it a sensible, realistic offer and don't waste my time or yours. Yes, times are tough, but that's no excuse to insult me. True collectors will know the value of these.) Payment can be arranged through a friend's PayPal account (for overseas buyers) or into my bank account (domestic sales). 
 Gold-plated Corona 3
 Folding Bijou, comes with leather case
 Has wooden box with sliding lid
Take your pick from above or below
Comes with Valentine-lookalike case.
Would be expensive to post.
Ditto - this is very heavy for its size

1 comment:

Bill M said...

It is sad that you need to sell more of your typewriters.