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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Kind Words on a Rheinmetall Portable Typewriter

I received this wonderful note today from New Zealand's typewriter wizard David Lawrence, of Eden Typewriters in Auckland. It's typed on one of my favourite portable typewriters, the Rheinmetall. David has been working on many very interesting typewriters in the past few months, including an Imperial 58, but I'm so glad he chose this one to write to us.
As I reported back in August, my wife Harriet and I were fortunate enough to be able to catch up with David in his Mount Eden workshop in March, before being forced to cut short our New Zealand tour because of Covid-19 and impending border closures on both sides of the Tasman. Since then I've been alarmed by the bad news that David will have to leave Mount Eden in the coming days and set up shop elsewhere.
As soon as I find out more about David's next move I'll let ozTypewriter readers know. But be assured I have some fascinating posts coming up in the next few weeks about some of the machines David has been working on - and photographing for us in close-up detail. These images have allowed us, for example, to get more of an idea about the similarities between the mechanics of the Spanish-made Underwood 21 and the much more common Olivetti Studio 44.
David may be departing Mount Eden, but hopefully he will be providing his brilliant typewriter services from elsewhere in New Zealand for some time to come - as well as keeping this blog so well informed on the workings of various typewriters.
Haere pai, e hoa, me pato tonu ... Go well, friend, just keep typing!

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Bill M said...

Very wonderful note indeed.