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Thursday 30 September 2021

Typewriter Art

"The Romantic Life of Harper Galloway", by Harry Anderson (1944)
"Waiting for a Train", by Thornton Utz (1955)
"A Letter to Mr Priest", by Harry Anderson (1947)
"A Country Editor", by Norman Rockwell (1946). Below, the full scene:

"World Series Scores", by Thornton Utz (1954)


Bill M said...

Wonderful paintings.

John Cooper said...

I appreciate the attention to detail that lets me identify the Smith-Corona in its holiday case in "Waiting for a Train." No doubt the standard typewriters are also easy to ID for those who know them well. Anybody else spot the Rockwell self-portrait in "A Country Editor"?

SBolli said...

I think Normie is the chap coming in with the pipe and big portfolio and pipe? It looks like one of the self-portraits he made.

Teipiadur said...

These all make me smile... and feel nostalgic for a time I barely knew when people engaged with each other and their analog machines, instead of now being glued to phones and social media. *sigh*
I do find the "waiting for the train" typewriter interesting - like a hybrid cross between a Skyriter/5-series clipper and maybe an AMC - in between portable and ultraportable, whatever it is I like it.