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Saturday 22 June 2013

A Forest of African Mahogany Rheinmetall Portable Typewriters

Top of the range, serial number 207773 (1937),
ivory keys, tabulator key
 Middle of the range, serial number 196748 (1936),
ivory keys, no tabulator key
 Bottom of the range, serial number 195041 (1936),
black keys, no tabulator key, logos but no company name on front right of ribbon spools cover.


Richard P said...

I find the ones with ivory keys stunning. (Did they slaughter elephants as well as harvesting the mahogany??)

Scott K said...

Holy cow... What a gorgeous collection of machines.

I think that Rheinmetall typewriters are rather overlooked.

Possbert said...

Hi Robert. Loving the blog! I have an Underwood 310 that's now in really good nick, thanks to my local typewriter (and everything else) repairer. The case is in excellent condition and came with the unpacking instructions and user guide.

No, I'm not trying to sell it! I was wondering if any of your readers would be interested in a scanned copy of the documents.

Regards, Pamela.