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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Night of the Maroons: New (Old) Prime Minister, New (Old) Typewriter, New (Old) Car, Same Old Queensland Story

Oh, I almost forgot ...
4. I have a new (old car) too. The Typewriter-Mobile was written off by insurance claim assessors, so I've had to buy a new Typewriter-Mobile, a somewhat smaller one. And I must confess it's not maroon, but NSW Blue!(It was bought in Yass, NSW.)
Back in Power (behind the maroon curtain):
Kevin Rudd - that's him on the left. 
Queensland Maroons celebrate beating the Blues.
The new  (old) Typewriter-Mobile. The old one (crunched in the backside by a pizza delivery driver) carried up to 37 typewriters at a time - we'll just have to wait and see how many this one with hold.

To celebrate all this happening in one day, give me some of that good old' Queensland Dandy Shandy and Bundaberg Rum:


Rob Bowker said...

Old or just previously loved :-) Smart looking wheels! If you take the back seats out you'll be able to cram plenty in.

Ted said...

It's nice to see good things coming your way again (:

Miguel Chávez said...

I like your Typer-Wagen! Things are slowly coming back to normal, I see. How's your arm doing?

Steve Snow said...

Oh no! So sad to hear of a Magna being written off! Hope the new one does the job ok. Great looking Groma anyway

Scott K said...

Ah! So you bought it! I kinda dallied on buying it when I saw it at that great price over in Germany, but when I came back it was gone.

I spoke to John last night, and he told me all about the accident. I'm glad you have a replacement type-mobile, and I am sure it will be a fine machine... As long as you steer clear of pizza dudes.

Hope your arm is better.

John said...

Not sure which is nicer, the Groma or the car? both look brilliant and things seem to be turning around for you.....