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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Continental Wanderer Portable Typewriter

This Continental Wanderer W35 portable typewriter is a development of a 1920s design by Alfred Richard Georg Vogt for Wanderer-Werke (formerly Winklhofer & Jaenicke) AG, Chemnitz-Schönau, Germany. It has the serial number R039484, which dates it to the start of this model's production run in early 1935.  The case, covered in genuine leather, is absolutely the perfect match for this fantastic little typewriter. The lockable top tier of the case contains a fold-up desk area with a handwriting surface.


Scott K said...

Good grief, that's beautiful! And that's quite an ingenious case!

Richard P said...

Truly a work of art.

toronto guy said...

I have a 1940 Continental Modell 100 which should, I believe, have the same internals as your machine. I find the touch is similar to, or at least on par with, my 1946 Royal Quiet Deluxe.