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Sunday 2 June 2013

'The Ritual and Musical Quality of Old Typewriters'

Sorry if I'm coming in a bit late on this one, but it has only just been brought to my attention that West Australian-born actor Marcus Graham is a typewriter enthusiast. A spread in one of the Murdoch Sunday mags said Graham "appreciates the ritual and musical quality of old typewriters".
That looks like the bottom half of an Olympia case:
Could it be an SM5 Graham is using?
"Describing himself as 'old school', Graham admits he can't resist having a bash on an antique typewriter. From childhood, when he took delight in watching the ink slap on to the paper as his mother typed away, to growing up with a love of the Beat poets, he's always been fascinated by the culture surrounding these machines."
Do I spy a typewriter in the background? Or do I just see typewriters everywhere?
The article quotes Graham as saying, "My laptop is great, but a typewriter has such a nostalgic feel. I'm really into words, writing and literature. Typewriters exemplify that, even through the sound they make - you could have a whole orchestra of them and it would sound amazing."
Well, Marcus, there is such a thing - the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. And they do sound amazing.
I can only add that I imagine Marcus would, if told typewriters were "old hat", respond thus:
Graham in Louise Fox’s adaptation of Moliere’s Tartuffe
Graham, born in Perth on October 11, 1963, played Vincent Darby in Mulholland Drive.  TV credits include UnderbellyGood Guys, Bad Guys, The Secret Life of Us and American supernatural series Charmed. Stage credits include Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show, The Blue Room opposite the stunning Sigrid Thornton, Les Liaisons Dangereuses for the Melbourne Theatre Company and the Bell Shakespeare Company's production of Pericles. Graham lived with Nicole Kidman before she made the mistake of meeting Tom Cruise. Other ex-partners include Rebecca Gibney, Asher Keddie and Claudia Black.
In the title role in Josh Jarman
Graham gave up on Hollywood in a pivotal moment in his life. "I've learned that the less the ambition, the greater the happiness."
"I had all this money and I moved to LA and I bought an apartment and I was doing all these auditions. I was screen-testing for this stupid television show called Mysterious Ways, right? Great title. You do all these auditions for panels of people; each time you go back there's more people. It's Mysterious Ways - he solves crime and is he in touch with other forces or is he a charlatan … blah, blah. Very mysterious. The writers are ringing my agent, saying: 'We love Marcus.' I'm trying to give the writers what they want. The head of the network, he's not sure whether I'm too mysterious or not. And the writers are going: 'Well, yeah, but it's called Mysterious Ways and actually what we were hoping for is someone that's a bit mysterious.' And the head of this network is still not convinced, so he says: 'I'd like to pay Marcus $10,000 to not take a job for two weeks while I decide whether he is too mysterious or not.' So I'm sitting in my apartment in LA going: 'Bloody hell, here I am getting paid all this money to not work, while I wait for a job that I actually don't want. What the f--- am I doing here?' So I took the $10,000; they decided I actually was too mysterious and I left town."


Unknown said...

Some people would have seen your cemetery background typewriter as a werewolf. It's all about where you're coming from!

And I'm pretty sure it's not an SM5, though I couldn't offer any suggestions.

Richard P said...

I have no idea what typewriter he's using in that first photo. I'm intrigued. Good story.

Piotr Trumpiel said...

Judging bu the knobs and carriage return lever it would be an Everest K2 - just like the one you wrote about in your post:
If you have a case for it you may confirm its shape from the back :)

Robert Messenger said...

That's a thought, Piotr, I'll check.

Robert Messenger said...

Yes, you're right Piotr, because the case lid and base have sloping sides (where they join).

Piotr Trumpiel said...

Glad to be of your service :)