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Monday 23 December 2013

A BEVY of BLICKS: What Remains of My Blickensderfer Typewriter Collection - 14 of the Best

 No 5 - Stamford, Connecticut
 No 5 - New Zealand Typewriter Company
(Alf Reed, Dunedin)
 No 5 - Newcastle (England) (Rimingtons)
 No 5 - Stamford, Connecticut
 No 7 - Stamford, Connecticut
 No 7 - Newcastle (England) (Rimingtons)
 No 7 - New Zealand Typewriter Company
(Alf Reed, Dunedin)
* This typewriter will soon join Herman Price's massive Blick collection in West Virginia.
 No 6 - Stamford, Connecticut
(Yes, George Blickensderfer was like another George, George Lucas - he had prequels and sequels; the 6 [1902] followed the 7 [1897].)
Featherweight - Cheapside, London (Rimingtons)
QWERTY keyboard
 Featherweight - Stamford, Connecticut
 No 8 - Stamford, Connecticut
 No 9 - Stamford, Connecticut
 Home Blick - Cheapside, London (Rimingtons)
QWERTY keyboard
Rem-Blick - Ilion, New York
QWERTY keyboard


Bill M said...

Very nice collection of Blick's.

Rob Bowker said...

What a relief to see that switch from dhiatensor to qwerty! A Cheapside Featherweight still on my wish-list. They are one of those typewriter models that sellers seem to think are very expensive... so I have to be patient :-) All yours are lovely though.

Richard P said...

Wow, does that Stamford Featherweight have an aluminum typewheel? Tell us more about that one!

They are all beautiful, fascinating machines.

就地游牧 said...

Hi, I'm a beginner. Do you think that a "Home Blick" in good condition is worth to buy (the price is 170 UK), or it had better to wait a BLICKENSDERFER no5? Thanks a lot.