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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Happy Christmas Typewriter Buyers and Users

This is my Christmas card for 2013. If so inclined, please feel free to print it out and stand it on your mantelpiece, just in case your card doesn't arrive in the mail from me in time for Christmas.
The reason my cards haven't been posted yet is that I have been flat strap all week this week posting off typewriters to people eager to receive them before Christmas. In many cases, the typewriters will be Christmas gifts, from parents, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.
One very satisfied customer couldn't wait for Christmas to use her Adler Tippa with cursive font, and was so pleased with her typewriter she sat straight down and sent me a Christmas card (above), addressed using her Tippa (of course).
The buyer emailed me as soon as the typewriter arrived: "Hi Robert! The Tippa arrived safely at 5.55pm this evening! I’d given up on it arriving today after 4pm but have since had two other deliveries as well. It is wonderful and I am loving it. Thank you so much for this amazing little typewriter. My husband thinks it is hilarious, I can’t get the smile off my face!"
This refurbished Remington Travel-Riter is headed for Alice Springs in the centre of the Australian Outback. While it costs $30 to post a typewriter of this size to Perth in the far west, and $25 to Adelaide, south of the Alice, Australia Post quoted me $67 for this shipment - I guess because Alice Springs is just so incredibly isolated!
All up I have fully serviced,  fitted new ribbons, boxed up and posted 12 typewriters this week (including the Corona Empire-HG Palmer above), which will explain why I haven't had much of a chance to do anything else, such as post all that often on this blog. Apart from very positive responses to three eBay sales, so far the only feedback I've received has been for the cursive Tippa, but I guess these are still early days yet. The eBay sales were a Smith-Corona flat top, an Olivetti Roma and an Olivetti Tropical:
Happily, the feedback was: "Excellent seller, perfect product!! Amazing communication!!!" "Bought two of these. Both arrived from AU in perfect condition. Awesome :) Thanks!"
This refurbished Olivetti Studio, a Triumph Perfekt with Fraktur font, a Rooy and an Olympia SM8 with wide carriage also sold during this period, and the buyers were equally delighted with their purchases:
The big rush of pre-Christmas sales started when I sold an Olympia SM3 to a Canberra lady. She was so happy with her purchase, she let her Facebook group of friends know about it, and suddenly I was inundated with typewriter requests. The lady herself also bought an Olivetti Lettera 22 in pistachio (for a cousin), a Triumph Personnel with cursive type and an Olympia Splendid 66 (for her mother):
Other typewriters shipped this week were:
Refurbished Smith-Corona Sterling
Pinnock-Craftamatic (Nakajima)
Underwood 10 (Antares)
Olivetti Lettera 82 (aka Hermes Baby)
Royal 201 (Nakajima)
Lemair Deluxe 250TR (Brother)
Some of my typewriters still for sale are below - email me for details of price etc:
 Consul (also available as an Optima)
  Royal 200 (Silver-Seiko)
  Antares Compact 233
(also available as an Underwood)
 The Quest
  ABC 3000
  Olympia Olympiette
  Waltons (ABC)
Remington Monarch
 Nippo P-200
 Olympia SM9
 Underwood 310 (Olivetti Dora)
Olivetti Lettera 41
 HG Palmer Sterling (Smith-Corona Series 5)
 Olivetti Lettera DL
 Montgomery-Ward Escort 33 (Olivetti Dora)
Olivetti Ventura (aka Dora)
Remington Graduate
Mercedes (Olivetti Dora) QWERTZ keyboard
 Mercedes (Olivetti Dora) QWERTZ keyboard
Adler Contessa
Underwood 378 (Olivetti Lettera 92)
 Alpina (with cursive font) ($215)
 Antares Domus
 Underwood with folding stand case
Gossen Tippa with metal (not leather) case
QWERTZ keyboard
Music keyboard Corona ($1550)
 ABC 3002
 Bambino (made by Optima)
 African mahogany Rheinmetall
Alba (AZERTY keyboard, toy typewriter)
 Nakajima ALL
 2 Hermes Ambassadors, one electric,
FREE to a good home (must go!)
2 Antares, sold separately
LP 44 (Antares) AZERTY keyboard
Gold-plated Royal Quiet De Luxe ($975)
Hermes Baby (aka Olivetti Lettera 82)
Everest K2 C
 Chevron (Nakajima)
 Citizen X3
(Danish-Scandinavian QWERTY keyboard)
Cole Steel
(optional top cover, or you can have both)
 Underwood Universal
IMC Primavera (QZERTY keyboard)
 Marathon 1000DLX
 Reader's Digest 1000
Torpedo 18 (early model) QWERTZ keyboard
(also available in crinkle green)
 Maritsa 11
Gossen Tippa Pilot
 Lemair Deluxe 1510 (Brother)
 Chevron Deluxe (Nakajima)
Olympia Splendid
 UNIS TBM (Olympia Traveller Deluxe)
QWERTZ, Yugoslavian keyboard
 Smith-Corona Ghia-designed Super G
Smith-Corona Golden Shield Courier
Imperial Messenger (2 available)
Brother Super Deluxe 1450
 Oliver Courier
and many, many more to come ...


Miguel Chávez said...

Wow... you have some fantastic pieces there!

Congratulations, and welcome to the fascinating world of e-commerce!

Richard P said...

You've been busy! I hope these good typewriters will find good new homes.

TonysVision said...

Oh, the wonders here. Fortunately the postage cost from Australia to California tempers the urge to break my resolve of no new acquisitions until I've cleaned and serviced the mob in my "dungeon". Oh, except for the pretty ivory white and perfectly functioning 1962 Olympia Monica my wife suggested we buy while on an antique shop outing yesterday!

Rob Bowker said...

Robert! Wait! You'll have no typewriters left at this rate ;-)

shordzi said...

Please Let me know the serial number of this formidable Courier. Thanks!

shordzi said...

Looking at these machines again, and finding them simply very beautiful.

Tyler McManigal said...

Robert, love your blog. I can't find your email, could you please email me at tmcmanig(at)gmail(dot)com

Thanks! I have some questions regarding a Torpedo 16 typewriter, as well as 1942 Royal U.S. Navy.

Robert Messenger said...

You will find an email address in my profile.

Unknown said...

i have looked in your profile and can't find your email i am interested int the alpine cursive and a few others please thanks so much

Anonymous said...

If only I could afford shipping costs from Oz to the States.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, I've emailed you re the royal but not sure if you read it as I've not gotten a reply. Could it gone to spam folder? Is the gold royal still available?