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Thursday 6 March 2014

For the Benefit of Queensland Typospherians

I have started to pack the new Typewriter Mobile for the trip to Brisbane for Sunday's Type-In under the Story Bridge (hence the two folding chairs, left). So far there's only been room for spare parts typewriters, or those close to that status, and for boxes of spare parts. Any Queensland Typospherians who attend Sunday's Type-In will get first pick of this little lot. There's  a Royal 10 which needs a little bit of work, a Rheinmetall portable without a top plate, three post-war Remington standards in good working order, a Monarch standard (also working), several Nakajimas and Brothers, an Adler Contessa electric and a few early Remington portables (keychoppers, stay away!). Any more for any more? Hopefully, I'll also be able to pack in a good number of machines for John Lavery to have at look at with a view to fixing them, including a Hammond Multiplex, an Orga Privat and a gorgeous Continental portable. Oh ... and I better try to fit in a typewriter to use at the Type-In too!

1 comment:

Scott K said...

Ha ha. So, what machine have you picked for the type-in?!