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Tuesday 11 March 2014

The Joy of Typing - This Is Iowa: Typewriter Connection


Richard P said...

Good story! I'm going to mention this one in my book. Thanks.

(Pet peeve: people who use "technology" to mean only digital technology. Typewriters are technology too!)

Joe V said...

Thank you for posting this, Robert. I especially liked the young couple who dated via typed letters.

As for my pet peeves, there's the comment about ribbons being hard to find (Okidata printer ribbons at Staples will do in a pinch). And the one at the end on how to make an exclamation mark, he should have said apostrophe instead of comma. Anywho, I should be more grateful for any mention of typewriters in the media.

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Richard and Joe for your comments.
When Richard mentioned "pet peeve" I thought he was going to talk about the exclamation mark. Like you, Joe, I also noted that jumbled up explanation. I think the old news reader got confused. Many keyboards have a colon but not a semi-colon, and that is how you make a semi-colon. The exclamation mark is apostrophe, back-space, full-point. I also noted the comment on ribbons, which even here are readily available.

Bill M said...

Great! That is so neat that they typed to each other.

I do have a peeve with the anchor and all those out there who think ribbons are hard to find. I guess they never go on line.

I also agree with Richard. People over use technology. I ask them what technology and seldom do they know an inkling about anything technical -- they think it means a computer!

I do like that typewriters and typing are getting noticed thoug.

I do not know how you find all you find, but even Mrs. especially likes this post: she's from Iowa.