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Friday 7 March 2014

Postcards for the Trip North

Friday, 10.30am: We're off and racing!
 Plenty of open road ahead
 Maybe we should divert to the interior? Nah, did that year
 No room for hitchhikers
 Loaded up with nourishments
 Laughing with the Kookaburras
 Oops, paying too much attention to the Kookaburras!
 OK, I can still fly the rest of the way
 And relax on the beach at Surfer's
 We'll have a hearty chuckle at the Type-In ...
 ... Raise the Australian Flag ...
... and toast the Queen in Queensland


Don Lampert said...

Have a great time, and Hi! to our typosphere buddies down under!! From an ex Aussie.

Richard P said...

These are all great images, very funny.

Bill M said...

Have a safe journey and enjoy the Type-In.