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Monday, 23 June 2014

How To Play Typewriter Solitaire

"Up for a little challenge this year?" asked Michael Clemens when he launched Typewriter Day 2014. Typing on something other than white paper, typing in something other than red and black, a bit of extreme typing?
I had plenty of ideas, and every good intention. Typing on eucalyptus bark, for instance, up on Mount Ainslie, overlooking the capital, perhaps - I certainly have plenty of choices other than black and red typewriter ribbon.
Then the weather turned absolutely foul. The coldest, wettest day in yonks. No going outdoors in this. As Charlie the Typewriter Guard Cat lay on the scanner trying to get some warmth into his furry body, I needed to think of something unconventional I could do indoors, in the comfort of the typewriter museum.
So what to do?
Ahh, I know, a game of Typewriter Solitaire! Now that's Type Unconventional!
Playing so much Solitaire is the reason I have a "mouse finger" problem in the first place, so why not swap the mouse for a spacebar?
Meanwhile, Charlie stays on the scanner. Now Elizabeth wants to join him there.
PS: Typewriter Day was deemed to be of sufficient significance to ABC National Radio that it interviewed me on the subject this afternoon.
PPS: The former Australian Ambassador to Egypt is ROB BOWKER! I wonder if he used a typewriter there, as I once did. Fortunatelty for me, I was never jailed for simply doing my job, as Peter Greste has been.


Don Lampert said...

Robert, Happy Typewriter Day to one if it's finest "Royalty" Thanks for keeping the Typosphere well and alive!

Richard P said...

Never seen typewriter solitaire before.

Never seen a scan of a cat before.

Two firsts today!

Ted said...


Happiest to Typewriter Days to ya and Charlie (:

Rob Bowker said...

Yes, back in my day those Al Jazeera journalists would be freed by now. Shame on Cairo, shame on the regime! Find a Facebook petition and sign it one and all. Meanwhile, Charlie, nice bum! Happy WTD and I hope the weather warms up.

Rob Bowker said...

I just got the joke. CAT scan, purrrfect :-)