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Monday 30 June 2014

Stott Model Twenty Portable Typewriter = Messa-ABC 2000, Sears Chevron

This Portuguese-made Stott Model Twenty portable typewriter appeared on Australian eBay tonight (#171372262876). It is a re-labelled Messa 2000, also marketed as an ABC 2000 and the Sears Chevron
Below is the original Messa 2000, made in Mem Martins, Sintra, outside Lisbon. The factory was set up by German company Siemag under Bernhard Weiss in 1963 and started to make German ABC portables in 1966. Later it made Litton typewriters, including Royals and Imperials. The plant was closed in 1985.

Below, the ABC 2000The 2000 represented a change of styling and engineering by Messa. The multi-link key lever assembly was replaced by a four-dowel design using a heavy but simple single-piece casting (clearly seen in top-of-post image) to mount the levers:
Below, the Sears Chevron
Stott also re-labelled the Siemag L1 (key tabulator, top image) and L8 (tabulator to eight decimal points, bottom image) of 1963. These machines are seen below as Messas.
The Stott Model Twenty portable seen above was marketed by Stott Datagraphics Ltd. Stott changed its name from Stott & Underwood on May 28, 1969. On July 19, 1972, the company was taken over by Fred T.Wimble and Co Ltd and was subsequently deregistered. For more on Wimble, see here.
The history of the Stott company can be found on this blog here.

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