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Tuesday 3 June 2014

Royal Standard 10 Restoration: A Work in Progress. So Far, So Good

It's starting to look good. I've spent a solid five hours on it today, and there is still some touch-up work to do yet, such as adding decals to the paper plate and to the front. But I'm very pleased with the transformation so far - from a broken-down, filthy rustbucket to this:
 This is what it looked like yesterday:


Rob Bowker said...

There had to be a shine in there somewhere. Looks like you found it.

Rob Bowker said...
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Anonymous said...

Very nice!

RobertG said...

Shiny! These results are an inspiration (having a daunting #2 project on the shelf).
This is really bringing back an impressive machine. Just this week found that the full set of documentation for these is as pdf on the, by the way.

shordzi said...

What was your intention to change the decal?