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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Sholes & Glidden Experimental Typewriter of 1873

A large, clear black-and-white image turned up this morning, but there are no details with it (the eBay seller dates the photo from 1930). According to Wilf Beeching's Century of the Typewriter, this is the Sholes and Glidden "Experimental Model of 1873". I wonder where it is? Milwaukee, perhaps?:
In Richard Current's The Typewriter and the Men Who Made It, he has this patent image and explanation:
Or could it be this one, patented in 1876 and co-credited to Matthias Schwalbach?


L Casey said...

I have seen prints of that come up on eBay quite often, but I never really connected it with Sholes. Good show!

This would be quite a sight to see in person, wouldn't it?

Ryan Adney said...

I wonder if ther are enough pieces of information to create a working replica of the model? I think it would make for a fun project.

Richard P said...

Ooh, thanks for providing that big fat photo.

shordzi said...

The Typewriter and the Men Who Made it.

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