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Monday 25 March 2013

1966 Olympia SM9 Typewriter


Rob Bowker said...

From what I can tell from my limited collection of SMs, there isn't a HUGE amount of differences between these 9s and, say, an SM4 deLuxe - or even a 50s SM'1'. Apart from the styling items like bodywork, keytops and paper table, the business end of these seem almost unchanging generation to generation. Then again, if an SM9 is like a new, improved SM, it surely must be worth a try. I always think of an SM as a proper grown-up typewriter. That's the feeling you get when I'm on one at least.

Unknown said...

I dug mine out today and my daughter and granddaughter are leaning old school. Even though it sat a a shelf and was moved many times the Travel case kept it in like new condition and we are re-exploring the wonders of the machine.