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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Typecasts From an Australian Type-In

A selection of typing from the first Australian Type-In, held at the Breakfast Creek Pub in Brisbane last Sunday:
John Lavery's Bijou cheque writer
Steve Snow's Corona 3 had a blue-and-red ribbon!
Scott Kernaghan's chrome Royal


Bill M said...

Thanks for the great examples / samples of typing from the type-in.

I can't wait to get to Pennsylvania and pick up the Royals that are awaiting me there.

I was hoping Scott's chrome typewriter was a Vogue.

Scott Kernaghan said...

Bill.... it almost was.

But that's another story.

Some damn funny comments in here. It had me chuckling.

Or chortling (not giggling, Anna).

notagain said...

one of the best by-products of a type-in is the stack of samples. Thanks for sharing.

Richard P said...

Very entertaining. I see that the Everest got very favorable reviews!

TonysVision said...

I'm enjoying these posts too much. This nasty crowd is swaying me from my course of withdrawal - I had been avoiding eBay in an attempt to quench my passion for typewriter acquisition. But I have fallen ... begun dickering for a Hermes 3000 ... I'm already anticipating the arrival of the UPS truck and that moment of bliss ... the rush as I dig into all the packing material ...

Rob Bowker said...

When you first showed the Bijou I didn't understand why it is a cheque writer. NOW I see! Thanks for posting!

TonysVision said...

Looking at the photo up there again, of all the folks typing, I'm thinking what a unique and delightful sound that would be. So i'm hoping for a bit of video from the next type in. Looks like a great venue. I like it that the general public was able to get involved.