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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Typecasts From an Australian Type-In

A selection of typing from the first Australian Type-In, held at the Breakfast Creek Pub in Brisbane last Sunday:
John Lavery's Bijou cheque writer
Steve Snow's Corona 3 had a blue-and-red ribbon!
Scott Kernaghan's chrome Royal


Bill M said...

Thanks for the great examples / samples of typing from the type-in.

I can't wait to get to Pennsylvania and pick up the Royals that are awaiting me there.

I was hoping Scott's chrome typewriter was a Vogue.

Scott K said...

Bill.... it almost was.

But that's another story.

Some damn funny comments in here. It had me chuckling.

Or chortling (not giggling, Anna).

notagain said...

one of the best by-products of a type-in is the stack of samples. Thanks for sharing.

Richard P said...

Very entertaining. I see that the Everest got very favorable reviews!

TonysVision said...

I'm enjoying these posts too much. This nasty crowd is swaying me from my course of withdrawal - I had been avoiding eBay in an attempt to quench my passion for typewriter acquisition. But I have fallen ... begun dickering for a Hermes 3000 ... I'm already anticipating the arrival of the UPS truck and that moment of bliss ... the rush as I dig into all the packing material ...

Rob Bowker said...

When you first showed the Bijou I didn't understand why it is a cheque writer. NOW I see! Thanks for posting!

TonysVision said...

Looking at the photo up there again, of all the folks typing, I'm thinking what a unique and delightful sound that would be. So i'm hoping for a bit of video from the next type in. Looks like a great venue. I like it that the general public was able to get involved.