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Monday 4 March 2013

Kolibri 'N': Can anyone help identify?

A correspondent, Bianca, has asked if we can help her identify her Kolibri. There's no Groma name badge on it. I'm guessing the "N" might stand for Neckermann. Or is it just the remains of another word which has broken off? Does it stand for anything at all?:
I noticed this one on British eBay, but can't quite make out the lettering. It looks like "Luxus" to me (there is a Kolibri Luxus - Adwoa has a stunningly beautiful version of it with a red top). But the manual indicates there is also a model "N":
The model name on Adwoa's Kolibri:


shordzi said...

According to the authoritative F├╝rtig list (available for members of IFHB, the German collectors' club), Kolibri N had as special feature a line space of 4. The Kolibri Luxus in addition had two-coloured ribbon.

schrijfmachine said...

Russo included the Kolibri N in his book, Mechanical typewriters.