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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Underwood Portable Typewriter Case Stand

This case is an Underwood adaptation of a design patented by William John Wade of Toledo, Ohio, in 1956 (he applied for the unassigned patent in 1954). Wade's original idea was for telescoping tubes to extend four legs. Underwood compacted it to three legs with support braces. Wade, a draftsman for a car manufacturer and an artist,  was born in Toledo on May 8, 1907, and died on May 27, 1970, aged 63.


Miguel Ángel Chávez Silva said...

Very clever!

Richard P said...

Thanks for the demo. Really neat!

Is it high enough that you could put it on the ground and sit comfortably in front of it to work?

Rob Bowker said...

Excellent. I think that chap must have seen hot-desking coming! Do those legs extend at all? They look as though they might...

TonysVision said...

Looking at the drawings, as well as your sample, it appears that the leg extension, rather than telescoping, is folded back into the upper leg section. When folded out and weight put on it, the oblong slot shown in Figures 4 and 5 would allow the lower leg to telescope slightly back into the upper section, locking it in place. It doesn't seem to have been meant to use as you show it in the video, as the ends of the upper leg sections would mar any surface they are placed upon. I'm guessing once the legs are fully opened, it would be at the right height, when set on the floor, to use while sitting on a chair.

Mark Adams said...

Someone is selling a photo of a young actress (Margaret O'Brien) sitting before an Underwood typewriter and stand. The table struck me as unique. Thanks for posting.

For now, you can see the photo here:

Paul Panella said...

Paul P,

Please note that the legs fold out one more time so that the case reaches table height.

I have one and the mechanism is ingenious.

Paul Panella said...

Please note that the legs of the table fold out one more time. This elevates the typewriter and desk to table height.

I have one and the compact mechanical design is ingenious.

Karen said...

Hi Robert!
We live in Gardnerville, NV in the US. My 13 year old son bought a typewriter like this one for $25 at an estate sale. We were curious if you have any suggestions for cleaning it or where we can get a replacement ribbon?
Also, just out of curiosity, and if it isn't too rude a question, what is your perfect condition one worth?
Many thanks,
Karen (and Jacob) Brier in Nevada