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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Two Million Reasons to Keep ozTypewriter Going

I'm experimenting with cleaning out the dirt from the paintwork. As yet, I haven't gone over the decal at the front (not ready to risk it), so it's easy to see the difference between the paintwork behind it and on the rest of the ribbon spools cover. It's an idea I picked up from someone on the Typosphere (sorry I can't recall now who suggested it, but thanks anyway). I am using a denture cleaning tablet, dissolved in hot water, and a toothbrush. It seems to be working a treat:
 Dirt comes off
Charlie the Typewriter Guard Cat watches the horses go around 


Miguel Chávez said...

Congratulations on this massive achievement, Robert!

As a fellow blogger I think i can understand you when you wonder if you should close your blog or not; I've actually closed Modernidad y Obsolescencia (twice!), but in the end I brought it back because it represents a lot of work on my part to simply throw it away, and because, like Richard Polt once said in a comment, the information might be useful to other people. If that's true for a relatively anonymous, not exactly typewriter-centered, Spanish-language blog like mine, imagine the kind of value a massive knowledge repository like Oz Typewriter has not only for your fans (yours truly included), but for people all over the world who are just discovering or re-discovering the joys of using a typewriter and finding there's a lot more to them than just producing typed text. So if you decide to keep your blog open, even if you don't update it anymore, you can rest assured that this will be a very valuable resource and an impressive legacy of your work.

And if you decide to close your blog, the decision will be understood and respected by all your fans and friends, and all of us will always remember the blog fondly for all the excellent information that you shared with us. This has been a wonderful ride, and I think I can speak for the typosphere at large when I say we are deeply indebted to you for your fantastic work.

Whatever you decide to do, thank you very much for the fantastic blog you've created! It's a fantastic source of knowledge for us, your fans, and thanks to it we've learned a lot about that fantastic invention we know as the typewriter.

Thanks a lot, Robert!

Ted said...

Congrats on 2 Million! :D

Also, if you need additional reasons to keep ozTypewriter going, you might consider poking around in the "Adsense" section of your blog settings. Handy way to make a few bucks on all them pageviews (:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Robert. You and Michelle just go to prove that hard work and perseverance pays off. Love the way she told the male chauvinists to get stuffed!

unliteral said...

I think I helped push you over there. I found your blog yesterday and spent most of the day looking through it. Great job, keep it up.

shordzi said...

Hello Robert, congratulations! Would you consider publishing your blog in print? As a historian, I believe in paper in the middle and long run. have an excellent day, Georg

Nick Bodemer said...

Liquid dish soap (the handwashing kind--not the machine kind) works wonders also. I usually put super glue over the decals beforehand

gee said...

Great job... so much wonderful information. Thank you very much for all your efforts.