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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Imperial Portable Typewriters: Good Companalia

Imperial Good Companion 4
Imperial Good Companion 6
Imperial Messenger

The Maxwell Crooks who wrote the Imperial Portable Typewriter Beginners Keyboard Manuals below, in 1932 joined the original 1920 author, Herbert Etheridge, in bringing out the Dictionary of Typewriting. The pair were later joined by shorthand teacher Frederick Dawson in compiling this work. Etheridge, of course, was the man who designed the segment shift used by Torpedo and later Imperial, and it was most likely also Etheridge who designed the first model Imperial Good Companion


Richard P said...

Beautiful ephemera! I'll add the IGC4-5-7 instruction sheets to the Classic Typewriter Page.

I really wish I had one of those sculpted fiberglas cases for the IGC5.

Richard P said...

PS: actually, I see that there are probably more pages to these instructions. (On how to work the tabulator on the IGC5, for instance.) If you ever get around to posting them I'll be grateful.

Richard P said...

Thanks for posting the extra pages so promptly, Robert. The user's manuals have now been added to the manuals available on my site.

shordzi said...

Robert, you are named after a typewriter. This explains it all!

Anonymous said...

What a marvellous resource. Obtained a fifty-year old Imperial Good Companion 4 this morning in a charity shop (in England) - and Wow! there's the manual on your blog. Well done and many thanks.

Unknown said...

Have a family heirloom Good Companion 4 - carriage return is not working properly (fails to index the paper upwards), otherwise fine. Does any one know if there's such a thing as a service manual out there anywhere? Would prefer an exploded diagram before starting to dismantle to find the problem??