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Thursday, 25 December 2014

A Christmas Tale, or Three

A White Christmas Not on the Cards


Bill M said...

No white Christmas here either. 75F / 24C and sunny at 06:30 E.S.T. today. Clouds and rain expected later, Sunny & warm, if the weather guessers are correct, for Christmas.

I do like white Christmases though. To awaked as a child to a nice deep newly fallen snow seemed to always make my best Christamases.

I too, have an affection to red & green for Christmas. I was always fascinated by holly. Green holly and its red berries.

Then there were the tasty teaberries in the woods too. Those red berries stood out like a sore thumb on the green plants that blanketed the forest floor in green & red near where I lived. We would pick and eat these from autumn to winter. By Christmas though most were gone, except for the plants I would grow inside.

Bill M said...

Thanks for sharing you story.

Merry Christmas!

Joe V said...

Thank you, Robert, for this wonderful story. And also thank you for all the wit and wisdom you've put into your blog this past year.

In my neck of the woods, New Mexico, the red and green usually refers to one's preference for chile.

Ted said...

No White Christmas here in the desert valley either, but happy Holidays all the same (: