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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Prices of Portable Typewriters in the US 50 Years Ago

These adverts offer some guide to US portable typewriter prices in a very competitive market in the second half of 1964:
The Lettera 32
This model is most common in Australia as the Oliver Courier. It also sold as the Japy (or Beaucourt) and the Swissa Piccola.
"Olivetti type" means a Lettera 32
These are Smith-Coronas, the Scout made in England.
This is the Antares-style Underwood, most commonly an Underwood 18 but also a Golden Touch Underwood Diplomat, Avona Jet, an Underwood 10 and Underwood 19. You will need to read the next edition of ETCetera to find out how Olivetti-Underwood got its hands on this Antares design and exactly where these machines were made. 

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Richard P said...

And today, most of them cost less in dollar amounts -- not considering inflation. How the mighty have fallen.