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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Our Fractured World

Martin Place, Sydney, 80 years ago, when it was safe for a boy to ride a bike delivering Remington typewriters, without fearing for his life.
The same view of Martin Place, Sydney, but taken this evening. It's a different world, one full of fear, one in which no one is safe anymore, anywhere.


Unknown said...

So sad. :-(
There is no safe haven from extremism and hate.

Richard P said...

Unfortunately, Tina is correct.

I will also point out that there have always been madmen and murderers, and for well over a century they have had access to guns, explosives, etc.

So sorry that Sydney was hit by this event.

Bill M said...

Very sad that this happens in Australia too.

Don Lampert said...

Sort of shakes our expectancy of safety in our own world/neighborhood.
Richard is right though, there have always been crazies out there, but it seems to be so often now!