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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Typewriters #23

Smith-Corona portable,
Christmas 1956
Smith-Corona portable,
Christmas 1957
Olivetti Lettera 22, Christmas 1957
 Royal Futura, Christmas 1958
Smith-Corona portables,
Christmas 1962
Smith-Corona portables,
Christmas 1965
Smith-Corona portables,
Christmas 1963
Brother portables, Christmas 1970
Smith-Corona electric portable,
Christmas 1977

1 comment:

Nick Bodemer said...

The ad for Timber Wolf Sales was a scam in the early 1970s--they promised Brother portable typewriters at low prices and never delivered them. For more information

They were also behind selling non-existent land in Ontario, which they called "the Great Northwest of Canada"--ironically, Ontario is in Northeast Canada.