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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Typewriters #4

 Simplex, Christmas 1911
 Oliver No 9, Christmas 1919
The first advertisement ever linking the typewriter with Christmas appeared in The New York Times on this day in 1875 - 139 years ago today. The advert was placed by the firm of David Ross Locke (1833-1888, aka "Petroleum V. Nasby"), George Washington Newton Yost (1831-1895) and James Hale Bates (1845-1901), and the advertising copy was written by Lucien Stephen Crandall (1844-1919), who can be seen posing typing on the Sholes & Glidden for the engraving.

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shordzi said...

Love this series, which really sets the mood for christmas. great find for this entry!