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Monday 28 March 2011

Spot the Difference: The Adler Royal Typewriter


Royal manual portable typewriters appeared in many guises over a period of almost 60 years. Beyond the US, they were made in Holland and by both Silver-Seiko and Nakajima in Japan, and I have even seen a Chinese-made machine referred to as an Olivetti Royal. But I must confess this one (an Express 12), sold on Australian eBay tonight, was new to me:

This is the Adler Gabriele 25:
Okay, okay, it's the automatic spacer!
As for the carriage (and automatic spacer), how about this Adler Gabriele 12?:
So a bit of mixing 'n' matching ...
Richard Amery pointed out there is also an identical Triumph - surprise, surprise! Here it is (with Hebrew keyboard):
Here is the back of the Royal, which says "Made in Japan for T-A organisation" - T-A as in Triumph-Adler:
Now, speaking of TA Royals, here is another new one of me, a  Contessa 2. I wonder where I've seen that model name Contessa before?


Anonymous said...

Can you help me with a short description of the special keys from the keyboard of the ADLER GABRIELE 12 typewriter ? I don't know what I did to my typewriter's keyboard but it writes the small letters on a different line then capital letters just like this:
hhhhh hhhhh
HHHHHHH, or HHHHH even though I'm not going to a new row to type, i.e it's like writing 2 at the third power.
Can you drop me a line at, please?

Unknown said...

im having the same problem were you able to help . . . if so is there a solution to remady this problem. . .

Unknown said...

Hi, were you able to help . . . if so is there a solution to remedy this problem?