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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Typewriter Company Letterheads, Postcards, Share Certificates, Envelopes

A few of my favourite things:


Rob Bowker said...

Hi Robert, I especially like the Oliver letterhead. Thanks for sharing these. I don't know if there's an online archive of typewriter ephemera - any volunteers? I suppose copyright isn't much of an issue these days.

mpclemens said...

Robert (and Rob), if you've got a flickr account, you can upload to our "Anablogger Archives" group. I would assume copyright is not an issue.

The flickr group is invite-only, but I'll gladly admit you if you send a mail to my account (mpclemens) through the flickr system.

Thanks for scanning and sharing these!

Robert Messenger said...

Hi Rob. Thanks. Copyright is not an issue. Any copyright that existed might have been held by the original creators of the artwork. Anyone buying old letters etc nowadays merely gets to own an original copy, not a claim to the rights of the artwork.

Richard P said...

Good stuff!

The Underwood's Inks letterhead (pre-Underwood typewriter) is really over the top! Hypervictorian.